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  • Invivo unique individual exclusive hands on experience

Welcome to Mumbai FRCR.org

Mumbai FRCR.org is a collaborative teaching initiative by a dynamic team of Royal College of Radiologists certified examiners from the United Kingdom and India to extend and enhance the crucial preparatory training support needed for the examination leading to the coveted fellowship. The program is designed with an objective to help candidates preparing for the FRCR qualification in a systematic and result-oriented way to ensure that the aspirants get the best and conclusive training support in all aspects of the examination at different levels, namely Viva, Long Reports and Rapid Reporting. Our academic faculty comes with the unique blend of teaching experience and expertise as Consultants and Clinical radiologists at major hospitals and as Tutors at renowned institutions, both nationally and internationally. The three-day FRCR Preparatory course is specifically structured to meet the essential training needs that an aspirant would require not only in tackling the difficulties at the examination but also in preparing to face the challenges with ease and confidence.

Our teaching faculty is selectively drawn from a panel of appropriately qualified consultants and tutors who are well experienced to understand and handle the training needs of the applicants. Every candidate admitted to this program is considered individualistic with an inherent set of advantages and limitations while designing a suitable framework for the training strategy in each day’s program. One of the key considerations in our training strategy is to build up an effective interpersonal communication channel between the faculty and student to ensure smooth and one-to-one interactions efficiently. Feedbacks and interactions among the team will keep the entire learning process as dynamic and evolving as necessary.

While the program sets standards on various credentials of candidate’s subject knowledge as mandated by the faculty, it is generally important to assess the EQ levels for the aspirants in order to equip and tide over the difficulties when working under persistent pressure. Any barrier that may negate a candidate’s performance is identified and corrected by the mentor.

For registrations and to start early preparations, please mail to: care@mumbaifrcr.org

The FRCR examination consists of three stages, namely Part-1, Part-2A and Part 2B. For more information, please refer to the details in the FRCR page in the header links. We also recommend personalized short-term courses on different chosen topics for beginners and young professionals who are getting ready to take the challenges head on. Further assistance on many such focused programs is available at our contact help desk.

The Objectives

Adaptive to the impetus created by the proven advancements in medical care at various hospitals in the UK/US and the initiatives taken by RCR to evolve further on Clinical Radiology as one of the core areas for researches in the application of radio-analytics in experimental diagnostics and treatment care, we feel that there is really a great prospective benefit in implementing it in our hospitals and broadening our educational focus. Clinical radiology is going to be the mainstay for all our educational programs and promotions at various hospitals throughout India.

Our motto

Our motto is to reach out to the radiologists across various geographical regions in order to equip them with adequate skills and expertise to extend quality health care and support to the people of India, which we believe, is the stepping stone to universal health, incidentally our corporate goal too.

  • Health is wealth
  • Women’s health
  • Children’s health
  • People’s health
  • Universal health


Program Overview

This is practice programme for FRCR examination of the Royal College of Radiologists, London.

This 3-day course concentrates on all aspects and problems encountered in the FRCR 2B examination. Over the 3 days each candidate will get exposure and experience in preparing for a total of 6 viva, 3 long case packets (total of 18 long cases) and 6 rapid reporting packets (total of 180 rapid films) and will be supported with full feedback and instruction using OsiriX workstations.

We intend to give maximum personal practice as per exam conduction. The course will give you an opportunity to test your knowledge, practice in an exam mock test, setting and identify weaknesses well in advance of your exams. The faculty will be at hand to offer any feedback to cases. We strive to match the exact format of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) examination in order for delegates to experience the pressure of performing under exam conditions, combined with non-threatening, constructive, and friendly feedback.

The Objectives:

This course is deliberately set 4-5 weeks prior to the exam and is intended to provide a platform for your revision and develop techniques as you gear up for the final few weeks. We hope that this would provide adequate time to iron out any issues you may likely to face during the examination.

Advantage in MUMBAI FRCR .ORG

Our Potentials & Competencies

Our Workshop

Better designed programs for you. 100 to 200 cases of positive finding for hands on workstation with software.

Qualified Faculty

Skilled professional doctors with experienced Knowledge. Faculty Present to explain various pathological cases

Specialty Training

We intend to give maximum personal practice as per exam conduction. The course will give you an opportunity

Cost of Training

Comprehensive costing system, with highly facilitated Workshop, Highly Qualified faculty

Success Stories

100 of our doctors who attend the FRCR 2B exam, gave us 5 Star rating, because our educational system is well organized.

Careers and Opportunity

It has the huge opportunity and opening in FRCR, who passed in this exams has very good career in their life

Who We Are?

We are conducting classes for FRCR examination of the Royal College of Radiologists, London.

RITA™ is an initiative by Dr. Rita Dhruv, founded with the purpose to educate radiologist through workshops to as many aspirants in India as possible. Dr Rita Dhruv is a dynamic Enterpreneur enriched with 24 years of experience in radiology and holds a gold medal in radiology. Within the span of 10years she has successfully managed 3 CT and MRI imaging centers in and around Mumbai and now is using her experience in teleradiology.

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Both UK and Indian Faculties were knowledgeable and could point- out mistakes and made the replica of out of FRCR exam.

- Dr. Shivprasad Jaybhay

I am too small to judge the faculties. The faculties together had more than 100 years of UK experience.

- Dr. Pawan Shewale

Speakers were excellent & the presentations were great.

- Dr. Rupesh Deshmukh

The speakers were good, very clear as what they wanted to show us & teach us as well as very informative.

- Dr. Abdullah

All the speakers were excellent. Great effort by Dr. Rita & Dr. Kanchan for arranging all the extensive cases. All faculties from UK had cleared doubts & helped immensely to build up confidence.

- Dr. Tejas Kapadia

Excellent feedback! Great faculties.. Made a lot of difference in my exam preparation and planning.

- Dr. Ameya






Dr.Dhivya (UK)

Dr. Thirunavakkarasu