We are a Radiology Reporting company exclusively focused on providing Low Cost, High Quality solutions for diagnostic studies like X-Ray, CT scan, MRI scan, EEG, EMG, Mammography, PET-CT etc.

Company History

Prabhat means "DAWN" and the company’s potential is every bit as bright as its name suggests. From 1964 to 2014, celebrating 50 glorious years with roaring success and looking forward to achieve many more milestones.

Prabhat Group has been consistently living up to its potential, decade after decade. From metal to rubber bonded components, rubber products, pipe seals and in 2011, the Company saw the dawn of Prabhat Telesolutions LLP. The company is intending to provide multiple telesolutions like Teleradiology and Telemedicine.

The company is promoted by

  • Dr. Rita Dhruv (MD) DMRD, Radiologist with a Gold Medal.

    It is her vision that led to the inception of Prabhat Telesolutions LLP. Around the time when she used to own diagnostic centers in and around Mumbai, she realized the need of radiology services in remote areas where in crucial times also the reports could not be produced because of the lack of professional help.

  • Mr. Umesh Dhruv, MD, Prabhat Group

    He has an international business experience of 25 years and has successfully led Prabhat Group to achieve a strong presence in China, Sri Lanka, Germany, Europe among many other nations.

  • Prabhat Telesolutions has customers all over India and has offices in Mumbai, India and Atlanta, USA.

    Vision & Mission

  • Productivity

    By the process of teleradiology the company’s productivity increase as reports are generated at a faster pace and at any time of the day without the personal presence of the radiologist and thus increase number of reports generated in a given time.

  • Professionalism

    Quality of the reports generated are of international standard, with the gold medalist radiologist reporting the scans. Second opinion can be obtained and it becomes a first line of defense.

  • Progress

    By offering you the weekends support, locum services, vacation coverage, with flexible scheduling and excellent reporting quality, thus you can progress.

  • Philosophy

    We continously endeavour to increase productivity of our clients by reducing turnaround time, providing them technical support with no system breakdown and giving them unlimited facilities in a single system.


    • Radiologists with 20 years experience in reporting
    • DMRD (Diploma in Medical Radiolo Diagnosis) Goldmedalist
    • Reported 700,000+ X-Rays till date
    • Reported 600,000+ CT MRI scans till date
    • Caters to 50+ hospitals and 10,000+ doctors in India
    • Caterd to USA clients, reported more than 150,000 reports

    Team of Radiologists

    Presently we are providing Teleradiology services in and around Mumbai and in India in multiple centers round the clock, 24 hours.. and also in certain centers in USA

    A group of experienced and academically excellent radiologist doctors does the reporting. We aim to increase the productivity and progress of our customers by our professionalism and quality reports in a given timeframe

    • Adhering to the values of integrity and confidentiality
    • We comply with complete data protection and conceal identity of patients
    • The information received by us is sacrosanct and held in complete privacy
    Our USP
    • The reports are read by expert and gold medalist radiologist
    • Reliably fast and consistently accurate reporting
    • The facility is spread over an area of over 5,000 sq ft
    • 24 hours round the clock service
    • Advanced streaming technology setup which is approved by FDA, and is HIPPA, HL7, DICOM & IHE Compliant
    • Tailor-made solutions to guarantee exceptional care of your patients
    • Secure modality connectivity setup
    • Portal to let your physicians connect to our radiologists in real time