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Interpretation at Professional Excellences

Company History

Prabhat means "DAWN" and the company’s potential is every bit as bright as its name suggests. From 1964 to 2014, celebrating 50 glorious years with roaring success and looking forward to achieve many more milestones.

Prabhat Group has been consistently living up to its potential, decade after decade. From metal to rubber bonded components, rubber products, pipe seals and in 2011, the Company saw the dawn of Prabhat Telesolutions LLP. The company is intending to provide multiple telesolutions like Teleradiology and Telemedicine.

Thus , six years ago started our path of travel as a teleradiology company in the name of Prabhat Telesolutions LLP , a radiology reporting company exclusively focused on providing low cost high quality solutions for diagnostic studies like x-ray ,CT-scan, MRI SCAN, PET-CT etc.

The aim was to provide radiological services in remote areas where in crucial times also, diagnosis could not be given because of the lack of professional help. So our vision and mission was to increase the productivity of our clients, give professional reports and achieve progress for our clients.

During the time of recruitment of radiologist , a desperate need to educate and upgrade our radiologist was evident and hence came the root of RITA INSTITUTE.

The company is promoted by

  • Dr. Rita Dhruv (MD) DMRD, Radiologist with a Gold Medal.

    It is her vision that led to the inception of Prabhat Telesolutions LLP. Around the time when she used to own diagnostic centers in and around Mumbai, she realized the need of radiology services in remote areas where in crucial times also the reports could not be produced because of the lack of professional help.

  • Mr. Umesh Dhruv, MD, Prabhat Group

    He has an international business experience of 25 years and has successfully led Prabhat Group to achieve a strong presence in China, Sri Lanka, Germany, Europe among many other nations.

  • Prabhat Telesolutions has customers all over India and has offices in Mumbai, India and Atlanta, USA.

    Vision & Mission

    RITA institute was set up with the primary objective of educating radiologists on various facets of radio-diagnosis in clinically and technologically emerging environments, bringing in continuous improvements to clinical care and treatment procedures.

  • The advanced training being existential to the development of better care and treatment, extends new avenues for furthering development and, to a larger extent in enhancing our present system of clinical services. Our primary motto is to provide an educational filip, which is one of the ways we can simulate the collective initiatives of medical fraternity to improve upon the benefit of universal health care for the needy; and for one and all. This has now become the main driving force behind our efforts and in our eternal journey towards the accomplishment of our corporate objectives.
  • To provide competitive and adaptive learning methods and tools to impart quality education to participants from different levels at the most appropriate manner.
  • To conduct uniquely designed programs to help participants acquire practical skills and insight for effective radiological diagnosis and reporting.
  • Set new standards in educational programs.
  • To provide quality education at affordable levels
  • We believe that the spread of education will get better and more meaningful when we really make our efforts to improve the existing standards.


    The need to redesign our present educational system, huge expenses involved in attending courses in the USA/UK/other countries, bridging the techno-clinical gap we face against that of technologically advanced countries are some of our inherent problems which we need to tackle first in the best interest of our students and practising doctors.

    In what seemed to be a dire need today, which was indeed a genuine problem perceived by the students and practicing young professionals in getting advanced and contemporary education. Due to a dearth of resources and facilities available within the reach and budget, the factors that were many and beyond the reach of most of the students who were yearning for authentic learning support.

    Vision is to create awareness and drive amongst the people for a change. The change that has become a necessity today for the care and better support of people who are badly in need of it. Undoubtedly, we need to continue our efforts for the fulfillment of the objectives that many are looking forward.

    Need for a change

    To enhance this transformation, we have reshaped the present education model by introducing personalized and hands-on programs supported by database driven software systems and personalized workstations.

    Interactive lecture sessions with multiple case-based studies.

    Discussion on different major pathology cases.

    Interactive involvement and feedback-oriented discussions on cases.

    Inculcate passionate teachers, skilled professionals to shift the focus to effectively ensure better understanding of the subject and enhance academic foundation from traditionally prescribed formats.

    The learning is supported by emerging global technology that would increase receptivity and individual attention with increased individual growth for the radiologist. Group learning methods and focused mentoring support would help beginners as well as scholars with balanced approaches.

    The need to redesign our present educational system, huge expenses involved in attending courses in the USA/UK/other countries, bridging the techno-clinical gap we face against that of technologically advanced countries are some of our inherent problems which we need to tackle first in the best interest of our students and practising doctors.


    • First FRCR 2b preparatory course –out of 10 , 1 delegate passed in the final FRCR exam, excellent result.
    • Around 5 delegates passing FRCR exam from our delegates list of different workshop.
    • 25 successful workshops with more than 300 participants from different cities over a span of two years.
    • Faculties from prominent hospitals in Mumbai, Chennai, UK and Pune.
    • registration from participants who had attended workshops before.

    Reversal of educational process

    In ancient times, India used to be hub of education with people from all over the world coming to e.g. Nalanda University to gain knowledge.

    At present, we look forward to U.S.A, UK for education.

    But now, our institute is stepping stone for reversal of educational process and turn around for people from world to come back to India for education with delegates from Nepal, Kuwait, Singapore , Australia, and Dubai.

    Our USP
    • Proficient exam oriented practice session with osirix platform.
    • Practice with 3 long case packets (18 long cases ) ,6 to 8 rapid reporting packets and 6 personalized viva.
    • Expert well known faculties taking individual personal mock vivas.
    • Specialty training curriculum for clinical radiology, nuclear medicine, mammography.
    • Structured teaching to give valuable, worthwhile, positive experience for delegates.