Director’s Message

Welcome to Mumbai’s FRCR Preparatory Training Program!

FRCR training programs are now gaining much significance for the aspirants who are working hard to beat many odds to come out successful for the fellowship. Various factors influencing the final outcome are at interplay when you actually have to go though many stages with different skill set. Every year, post-exam statistics show high failure rates among non-English candidates no matter what the level of problem solving skills and wide knowledge base can actually do.

RITA Institute conducts Mumbai FRCR program to address various issues, challenges and inherent weaknesses that influences a candidate’s performance at the examination. The program is offered in a series of systematically planned lectures and exercises to guide you through to prepare for the difficult stages of the fellowship examination. Pre-and-post sessions, relevant surveys and feedbacks ensure that the training imparted is effective, up to the mark and satisfactory.

The program also stresses on the areas of communication skills, patients support and rapport as well as in handling tension, anxiety and other health issues of candidates. The test conditions are simulated to give you a better chance of performing well under pressure during the actual examination.

FRCR preparatory program is conducted over a period of three days and each day’s activities are intended to help candidates in gaining relevant skills required while attempting different modes of the examination; Rapid Reporting, Long Cases and Viva individually. Taught in an interactive way with personalized support, our programs are designed to give in-depth knowledge and skills and, in particular motivating aspirants to face up to the challenges with credence.

Please refer to our detailed program brochure for more information on lead lectures, discussions, mock tests, tools and tips for the exams etc.

However, we want you to see a great opportunity which is equally an advantage for the candidates to enroll early so that we can provide various mailers, links and other resources well in advance for the steady preparation. You will be connected with our faculties when you register for the program and be involved in various topics of interest and discussions of its relevance.

Our next program is scheduled to start on August 17th, 2018 and we suggest you to make an early start for the upcoming FRCR examination. We have a very good panel of trainers who are qualified, very experienced and certified by RCR (UK). They are also very enthusiastic and committed to help you in many ways to achieve training objective and support.

On our website, you will find guidelines, links, forms, exam pattern and dates and other useful links. In case of any difficulty, please feel free to interact with me or other faculty members for any further clarifications on filling up forms, dates and any topics-related queries.

Wish you all a successful FRCR, this year.

Dr. Rita Dhruv
Principal Course Designer and Faculty
RITA Institute