Our Client Say

Both UK and Indian Faculties were knowledgeable and could point- out mistakes and made the replica of out of FRCR exam.

- Dr. Shivprasad Jaybhay

I am too small to judge the faculties. The faculties together had more than 100 years of UK experience.

- Dr. Pawan Shewale

Speakers were excellent & the presentations were great.

- Dr. Rupesh Deshmukh

The speakers were good, very clear as what they wanted to show us & teach us as well as very informative.

- Dr. Abdullah

All the speakers were excellent. Great effort by Dr. Rita & Dr. Kanchan for arranging all the extensive cases. All faculties from UK had cleared doubts & helped immensely to build up confidence.

- Dr. Tejas Kapadia

Excellent feedback! Great faculties.. Made a lot of difference in my exam preparation and planning.

- Dr. Ameya