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When i came to know about FRCR 2B preparatory course i was really glad that such a course was initiated and i would congratulate the management of RITA Institute for this initiative because it was long since the candidates of Mumbai were not having the facility for FRCR course & that too of an international standard. The faculties took us through the experience of 100 yrs of UK teaching & the way they are teaching in UK. They are already practicing in UK, they specially flew from us, they stayed with us, guided us. After this course I am pretty confident that I would follow their guidelines & I would definitely pass the examinations.

- Dr. Pawan Shewale, Clinical Radiologist from Mumbai, currently working in Kuwait

I recently went through the upcoming porgramme. I came to know about the FRCR 2B preparatory course in Mumbai. It was really helpful. If you are applying to any International Examinations this course is really helpful for you.

- Dr. Abdulla Khtab Shab, From Kuwait

I would like to extend my gratitude towards the entire team of the Frcr 2 b course. It was indeed very well organised. It was at par with any international course as the entire faculty was from UK unlike any other courses in India who have faculty from India itself. I appreciate the eagerness of the teachers to enable us to practise extra viva sessions, so we get over the mental blocks and hesitancy to speak during vivas. We were shown a varied array of cases from easy to toughest hence instilling confidence in our diagnostic skills. The review after every viva session was extremely helpful to us. Above all I would like to mention a big thank you to Dr Rita Ma’am. She is the senior most and even the most enthusiastic. She could relax and not get involved in such projects as she has achieved it all in her tenure of practise but she chose to organise the course creating a national venue for an international course. Thank you everyone for your kind co-operation at every stage. Appreciate your efforts.

- Dr. Smita Borale, Dr. Smita Borale

All the speakers were excellent with good and genuine efforts from all. i am very glad to attend this course and would recommend it to all

- Dr. Shruti Raorane, Dr. Shruti Raorane

All the faculties were very good informative. They gave valuable feedback about my performance and ways to improve.

- Dr.Jayesh, Dr.Jayesh

All the faculties were very good. They really provided us good orientation towards exams and helped us understand radiology as well as exam pattern better.

- Dr. Navjeet Singh, Dr. Navjeet Singh


Dr. Manjit Bagul

Dr. Abdulla Khtab

Dr. Pawan Shewale

Dr.Ameya (Delegate)

Dr.Rupesh (Delegate)