Who We Are

We are conducting classes for FRCR examination of the Royal College of Radiologists, London.

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RITA™ is an initiative by Dr. Rita Dhruv, founded with the purpose to educate radiologist through workshops to as many aspirants in India as possible. Dr Rita Dhruv is a dynamic Enterpreneur enriched with 24 years of experience in radiology and holds a gold medal in radiology. Within the span of 10years she has successfully managed 3 CT and MRI imaging centers in and around Mumbai and now is using her experience in teleradiology.

Being a multi facet personality, she has developed and penetrated the concept of Teleradiology across the country as well as in International market. With her able leadership the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

RITA Institute, which started in 2015, was the brainchild of Dr. Rita Dhruv, the principal course architect and director at the institute, has perceived the problems faced by the students community to get advanced and cotemporary education due to the dearth of resources and facilities.

The factors were many and beyond the reach of most of the students who were yearning for authentic learning and dependable support.


  • Need to redesign our present educational system.
  • High expenses involved in attending courses in the USA/UK/others vis-à-vis fee, travel & boarding costs, which works out to be 5-6 lakhs is often unaffordable and impractical for many students.
  • An utmost need to breach the technology gap between India and other countries in providing education at its best standards.

The Future Strategies:

  • To introduce regular radiology workshops on various topics like MRI/CT/Pet CT/ Cardiac CT on monthly and bi-monthly basis at convenient locations.
  • To launch these programs in different metro-cities with the help of regional partners and associates to extend the benefits to their doorstep.
  • To set up network of centers in various international locations.

Our Mission

  • To provide competitive and adaptive learning methods and tools to impart quality education to participants from different levels at the most appropriate manner.
  • To conduct uniquely designed programs to help participants acquire practical skills and insight for effective radiological diagnosis and reporting.
  • Set new standards in educational programs.
  • To provide quality education at affordable levels.

Our Vision

  • To infuse confidence, and competency in all participants and equip them with relevant skills and proficiency to handle real life situations in diagnostics independently.

  • To spread the reach of competitive and affordable radiological education programs to the needy and especially students from far-flung locations across different cities and states.